Here are some images of the main segments of our E.V.A. Pod model... this should help give you a better idea of the very strange way it was put together. It's hard to make a very round thing out of very square things!
Please feel free to improve on this design! If you do make Lego models of any 2001 stuff, please email us jpgs or a web address, we'd love to see your creations!

The side: constructed upside-down. The other side is a mirror image of this and the two are connected by beams across the back of the pod. The round radar dish thing attatches onto the two tiny square bricks in the middle.

Back view of the pod with round bits attatched!

Front and side view of the window piece. This fits inside the front of the pod at an angle. It's not properly attatched, but rests on the bottom piece and is secured with Blu-tak (more cheating!)

Left: the outside of the bottom piece. The arch hinges up to attatch to the side pieces where the arms join on. Centre: the inside of the bottom piece. Right: the digger bucket (painted white!) attatched tenuously with a hinge to give a bit more of the desired roundness!

The underside of the whole pod... hopefully this should give you a bit more of an idea where all the above elements go!

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