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Date:   12.07.2004 at 09:25:16
E-mail:   bluevelvetelvis666(AT)
Name:   Sam Kelly
message contents:   That completly ruled. Dock Ock completely ruled. You completly rule. iFilm kinda sucks, but what can ya do. I wish you guys the best of luck, though you hardly need it. Your work is amazing.

Date:   08.07.2004 at 00:31:51
E-mail:   yeah-spam-me-plz(AT)
Name:   Quakeulf
message contents:   Great short, good humor and high entertainment-value!

Date:   21.06.2004 at 19:51:03
E-mail:   laradoll(AT)
Name:   laura
message contents:   thanks for cutting to the chase!! i loved it! way better than stanley's!! they should make more movies like that!!

Date:   10.06.2004 at 17:43:43
E-mail:   juliancarr42(AT)
Name:   julian
message contents:   Superb - you bastards.

Date:   09.06.2004 at 23:23:28
E-mail:   HoskJP(AT)
Name:   JP
message contents:   Inspired - slightly more convincing acting than by Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in the original, too!

Date:   06.06.2004 at 14:58:42
E-mail:   Knox(AT)
Name:   Gregor Zimmermann
message contents:   Great work, u did a very good job; wunderfully to enjoy, i love the origin space odyssey, it is art; and what u did with, is also art. Thanks and best regards Gregor

Date:   03.06.2004 at 14:41:33
Name:   *********
message contents:   The most that I've laughed this week. And that's saying something. I don't laugh much. Perhaps as seldom as three or four times per week. And I don't mean belly laughs, here. I'm talking about laughs that are more the order of a guffaw. So thank you. I loved it. Technically fantastic, too. I am due to run a five-day summer workshop about digital animation in a few weeks (for kids without PCs in their homes) and I intend to use your one-minute film as an example of what can be achieved using the medium. So - thanks again! All the best. Keep them coming. Matt.

Date:   03.05.2004 at 01:18:29
E-mail:   itmad(AT)
Name:   Phil Murfitt
message contents:   Cripes! In just 60 seconds and with total clarity you convey how utterly baffling the original is - to the whole country in fact. You have created an HAL-lucid-nation.

Date:   05.04.2004 at 23:30:27
E-mail:   euan(AT)
Name:   Euan Bayliss
message contents:   Fantastic - I love 2001: A Space Odyssey. This rocks!

Date:   16.03.2004 at 22:55:46
E-mail:   paul(AT)
Name:   Paul Irwin
message contents:   Great movie! Laughed my ass off. I am huge fan of '2001 A Space Odyssey' and I really loved this parody. Thanks!

Date:   16.03.2004 at 22:55:46
E-mail:   paul(AT)
Name:   Paul Irwin
message contents:   Great movie! Laughed my ass off. I am huge fan of '2001 A Space Odyssey' and I really loved this parody. Thanks!

Date:   16.03.2004 at 22:53:57
E-mail:   paul(AT)
Name:   Paul Irwin
message contents:   Great movie! Laughed my ass off. I am huge fan of '2001 A Space Odyssey' and I really loved this parody. Thanks!

Date:   22.01.2004 at 09:59:19
E-mail:   UZOAGBA(AT)

Date:   13.01.2004 at 19:36:29
E-mail:   wmysliwetz(AT)
Name:   Wolfgang
message contents:   I sure had a good laugh. Well done!!!!!

Date:   02.01.2004 at 13:32:26
E-mail:   alex.rombaut(AT)
Name:   Alex
message contents:   ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS !!!

Date:   09.09.2003 at 16:35:14
E-mail:   Cpt_Marcus(AT)
Name:   Anton
message contents:   I think it was mad. I dident understand a thing.

Date:   30.06.2003 at 08:16:14
E-mail:   altyre0(AT)
Name:   Altyre
message contents:   man...that captured the essence of the original so perfectly...

Date:   12.06.2003 at 04:06:15
E-mail:   fnutt(AT)
Name:   frank nutt
message contents:   how damn funny this page is. i'm about to pee.

Date:   30.05.2003 at 02:56:50
E-mail:   b31498(AT)
Name:   Brian Desormeau
message contents:   That "One: A Space Odyssey" was deeply weird and very funny. Thank-you for an enjoyable minute.

Date:   09.05.2003 at 01:58:41
E-mail:   enuminous(AT)
Name:   Matthew Wright
message contents:   Well. Now I've seen everything! I think Stanley should've scrapped his artistic vision in favor of the Lego approach. Had he seen this movie, he would have probably rather done it your way! Very well done! I enjoyed it immensely!!!

Date:   03.05.2003 at 14:47:31
Name:   Steven Ray
message contents:   After buying "MP & The holy Grail" on DVD yesterday I just couldn't resist looking at your other works... "ONE: Space odyssey" is really cool...I love the expressions on the lego-men's faces! Well done lads!

Date:   18.04.2003 at 14:01:43
E-mail:   roberttollow999(AT)
Name:   robert
message contents:   ONE: A Space Odyssey and ALL OF THE DEAD are the 2 best movies i have ever seen, they both rock. On ALL OF THE DEAD at the end is says To Be Continued, i think you should make Part 2.

Date:   07.04.2003 at 06:10:04
E-mail:   cosmic_ant(AT)
Name:   anotnio
message contents:   i love 2001 space oddissey, you did a great job guys.. congrats

Date:   22.03.2003 at 23:18:30
E-mail:   Lsabl(AT)
Name:   lisa
message contents:   funny. really very funny, especially since I'm watching 2001 on TCM right now.

Date:   18.01.2003 at 22:29:46
E-mail:   herrjoergritter(AT)
Name:   joerg ritter
message contents:   beeing an independent filmmaker myself, i whish to give ya a tip to the hat or two for this. respect, dude ;-)) keep on good woik, man!

Date:   03.01.2003 at 20:12:28
E-mail:   gary_lessels(AT)
Name:   Gary
message contents:   Fantastic guys!

Date:   12.12.2002 at 02:26:28
E-mail:   frankpoohlee(AT)
Name:   Frank Poohlee
message contents:   You guys have way too much time on your hands!

Date:   08.12.2002 at 05:43:00
E-mail:   daev(AT)
Name:   Daev`
message contents:   The film is great. It's funny from the beginning to the "I've gone nuts." After that it just becomes weird, messed up and disjointed which excellently captures the essence of the original film.

Date:   26.11.2002 at 17:50:15
E-mail:   tla(AT)
Name:   Thierry
message contents:   FA-BUS-LOUS ! I am a fan of 2001. I saw your movie 20 or 30 times since yesterday and I continue do laugh ! congrats !

Date:   28.10.2002 at 17:30:44
E-mail:   chrisg_007(AT)
Name:   Chris Gelderd
message contents:   Excellent! Great monkey and bones! Great facial animation, and very amusing! Great tickle of the funny bone! Daft idea but it works! Nice one and we await more!

Date:   13.10.2002 at 07:10:14
E-mail:   admin(AT)
Name:   Marie
message contents:   Last week, as I stared blankly at my bin of Lego's, an ad on my sci fi channel came on for thier Space: 2001 marathon. And I thought: "Hey, 2001.. hmmm... legos... hmmm.. yes yes". But as I see you guys have done it. And you've done such a kick ass job that now my dream is crushed. Thanks for nothing! LOL ;)

Date:   11.10.2002 at 02:01:41
E-mail:   keirenbenjamin(AT)
Name:   keiren-ben
message contents:   ONE SPACE ODYSSEY is great! but I have a few questions: Is that the only one? You should make more. I think you should have an area on the site where you Have all of the characters in old style and new style and name them below the picture.

Date:   23.09.2002 at 01:48:42
E-mail:   ridethemagicassbus(AT)
Name:   Tyler Banadyga
message contents:   Holy moly! A friend of mine came across One: a Space Odyssey and said I had to see it. He was right, a couple of years back as an art student I painted a series of pictures depicting 2001 in Lego. It was pretty incredible seeing what you've done compared with what I did. I really liked your work. If you're interested in seeing my take on the whole thing drop me a message. Tyler B.

Date:   07.09.2002 at 07:44:37
E-mail:   oflinkey(AT)
Name:   Keegan
message contents:   Absofuckinglutely marvelous! I can't speak!

Date:   07.09.2002 at 02:20:14
E-mail:   senorjunkmail(AT)
Name:   bleh
message contents:   GOOD.

Date:   07.09.2002 at 02:12:04
E-mail:   senorjunkmail(AT)
Name:   bleh
message contents:   GOOD.

Date:   06.09.2002 at 23:41:25
E-mail:   john(AT)
Name:   John Browne
message contents:   Wonderful!

Date:   06.09.2002 at 04:42:20
E-mail:   underthefrog(AT)
Name:   Miles Pieri
message contents:   ONE is the film 2001 wanted to be. It has all the majesty, awe and technical artistry of Kubricks film but it's also got Lego so it's unarguably the superior work. Thank you for creating this mind-expanding 'ultimate trip' and sharing it with us. BTW - are you ever going to adapt the Japanese movie 'RING'? I saw your take on Sadako once and can't help thinking it's ripe for the full Lego treatment. Miles Pieri,

Date:   06.09.2002 at 04:39:09
E-mail:   underthefrog(AT)
Name:   Miles Pieri
message contents:   ONE is the film 2001 wanted to be. It has all the majesty, awe and technical artistry of Kubricks film but it's also got Lego so it's unarguably the superior work. Thank you for creating this mind-expanding 'ultimate trip' and sharing it with us. BTW - are you ever going to adapt the Japanese movie 'RING'? I saw your take on Sadako once and can't help thinking it's ripe for the full Lego treatment. Miles Pieri,

Date:   31.07.2002 at 03:15:35
E-mail:   Coolguy(AT)
Name:   James Drums
message contents:   Wow!!! I mean not bad for beginners, i enjoyed and dont all my friends about it. But, they all agree it is to short MAKE IT LONGER have a nice day

Date:   26.07.2002 at 18:45:55
E-mail:   warped_4_life(AT)
Name:   Hoby M. M.
message contents:   Amazing! Incredible! So much better than the actual lego studios films! What kind of camera did you use to make this and what editing software allows you to make stob motion animation? Keep up the great work and hope to see some more movies!

Date:   22.07.2002 at 03:06:57
E-mail:   checkerboy2002(AT)
Name:   adam kone
message contents:   CHEAP!

Date:   09.07.2002 at 17:46:33
E-mail:   wayawannado(AT)
Name:   vadim
message contents:   thank you

Date:   24.06.2002 at 21:12:32
E-mail:   checkaah(AT)
Name:   Anselm the German
message contents:   Very cool movie, but a little short. Why donīt you allow downloads to home-pcīs? I want the movie on my computer! But no matter, i just enjoyed the show. Good work!

Date:   20.05.2002 at 09:54:20
E-mail:   stacy(AT)
Name:   stacy
message contents:   that is one of the most brilliant works of art i have ever seen on the internet. now get going and turn "ring" into a full-scale animation, willya?

Date:   05.05.2002 at 04:17:13
E-mail:   niko.buettner(AT)
Name:   Niko
message contents:   Sitting through the last hour of my 19-to-5 nightshift in a rather technical environment (obviously involving internet access, thank god), I could hardly believe my eyes. Utterly great. I mean, I could not stand one more screening of the original movie after having seen it about 12 billion times between 1968(!) and now, but then - I won't need to: Your version has it all, obviously. Even the soundtrack (though I would have liked a bit more heavy breathing and HAL's voice), and what I'd like to call a certain painstaking slapdashicity. Thanks - Niko

Date:   01.05.2002 at 22:16:13
E-mail:   xxx(AT)
Name:   gwen
message contents:   Excellent it's so good but short!!

Date:   01.05.2002 at 19:25:04
E-mail:   Sproets(AT)
Name:   Sproets
message contents:   really good film!

Date:   01.05.2002 at 16:00:12
E-mail:   wgyure(AT)
Name:   wisperfish
message contents:   A fascinating combination of motion AND pictures!

Date:   24.04.2002 at 10:27:17
E-mail:   you(AT)
Name:   m152
message contents:   the movie was pretty cool. im a huge fan of 2k1 and that was a good tribute to a sci fi classic.

Date:   18.04.2002 at 14:54:23
E-mail:   j.jurs(AT)
Name:   Jacob
message contents:   Cool, one of the best i have seen

Date:   11.04.2002 at 20:05:54
E-mail:   peter(AT)
Name:   stolenfromnovaexpress
message contents:   :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Excellent- Proceed to the ice! --stolenfromnovaexpress express the ticket yes I had- other pocket need it bad- they'll toss you well past Belgravia and the duxxchess clock had the ticket was a half punch only get it drooling in the shurtsleeves the ticket "that exploded posed little time, so I'll say good night"

Date:   21.03.2002 at 16:46:16
E-mail:   vit_box(AT)
Name:   Vitalis
message contents:   This film is not bad!!! I liked it much! Go on like this.

Date:   09.03.2002 at 07:54:50
E-mail:   livny(AT)
Name:   Livny Del Valle
message contents:   I cannot think of a more logical interpretation for the movie. It all makes sense to me now. Just joking, it is extremely funny. Bravo!!!

Date:   09.03.2002 at 02:26:02
E-mail:   ulrich(AT)
Name:   Ulrich Dronskowski
message contents:   Really great movie. Great fun! Iīd like to see a lego brick version of - a classic science fiction of the 50s.

Date:   05.03.2002 at 13:15:58
E-mail:   matthew.tomlins(AT)
Name:   Matthew
message contents:   Very Impressive! Excellent...

Date:   26.02.2002 at 09:58:21
E-mail:   p.wawer(AT)
Name:   P.wawer
message contents:   WOW it one of the best lego movies ever even maybe beter than my movie. So if you are intersted in my movie please visit my site

Date:   22.02.2002 at 17:10:49
E-mail:   tomberna(AT)
Name:   Tom Berna
message contents:   "One" made me giggle intensely!

Date:   20.02.2002 at 04:47:06
E-mail:   jthreat(AT)
Name:   jeremy
message contents:   the best lego movie of all time! (and that IS saying something) I'm making a space lego flick myself. When you guys capture did you just take each frame as a still and put it through photoshop, or did you just shoot dv and then take a still frame from each shot, or ? If you could give me any ideas email me or post em, either way that was dope!

Date:   06.02.2002 at 10:43:30
E-mail:   headway(AT)
Name:   Alex
message contents:   Great!

Date:   04.02.2002 at 01:12:54
E-mail:   rvetxy(AT)
Name:   bob
message contents:   very apt

Date:   01.02.2002 at 00:21:42
E-mail:   res0tklp(AT)
Name:   Mike Hendrix
message contents:   Well put together- It's probably my favorite lego brick film yet.

Date:   30.01.2002 at 12:22:27
E-mail:   rufo2k(AT)
Name:   Habitante
message contents:   Itīs really amazing that people with such a great creativity isnīt working for ILM or something...I just got a full mouth opened when seeing the little sneak peek of yer film. Greetings :)

Date:   25.01.2002 at 20:33:40
E-mail:   stett_11(AT)
Name:   Robert Stettner
message contents:   simply brilliant, a good laugh, too bad only a minute long

Date:   12.01.2002 at 04:54:19
E-mail:   spiritsarise(AT)
Name:   Brad L. Hollowniczky
message contents:   Well, that's pretty much the whole story there, isn't it? And you guys did it in just 1/156th of the original run time--truly awe-inspiring. Have you considered a similar treatment for Barry Lyndon?

Date:   08.01.2002 at 22:23:59
E-mail:   davroe(AT)
Name:   David
message contents:   Wow, now that is a movie! I appreciate the work you've created here and I look forward to seeing the sequels David

Date:   07.01.2002 at 23:40:59
E-mail:   wieter(AT)
Name:   wieter
message contents:   good stuff:-)

Date:   07.01.2002 at 23:29:05
E-mail:   wieter(AT)
Name:   wieter
message contents:   good stuff:-)

Date:   07.01.2002 at 08:40:38
E-mail:   knulla(AT)
Name:   Lil Miss Goody 2shoes
message contents:   Hilarious! And the sets were nicely built.

Date:   06.01.2002 at 15:36:49
E-mail:   donthaveany(AT)
Name:   Mustafa
message contents:   EXCELENT! but i would like to see more of the movie.. it was a bit to short. animations and the set was great!

Date:   06.01.2002 at 15:34:17
E-mail:   donthaveany(AT)
Name:   Mustafa
message contents:   EXCELENT! but i would like to see more of the movie.. it was a bit to short. animations and the set was great!

Date:   06.01.2002 at 09:23:52
E-mail:   alynmilr2001(AT)
Name:   allyn miller
message contents:   very funny! thanks.

Date:   06.01.2002 at 02:15:13
E-mail:   hkjhkjh(AT)
Name:   Mats
message contents:   I'm not sure what the point with this movie is. I truly applaud the way you have made it but the movie as a whole is pretty stupid and fairly a tribute to Kubrick.

Date:   06.01.2002 at 01:41:06
E-mail:   nollan(AT)
Name:   Erik Nolander
message contents:   Absolutely marvellous! This is one of the best things I've seen on the 'Net for quite some time! It's really sad that Kubrick himself isn't around to see this, I'm sure he would have loved it. Good luck with your future work!

Date:   05.01.2002 at 22:14:22
E-mail:   amillikin(AT)
Name:   Aaron Millikin
message contents:   Where is your Monty Python Movie? I saw it on the DVD, but it is not here. ONE: A Space Odessy was the strangest movie I have ever seen.

Date:   02.01.2002 at 12:03:39
E-mail:   leon-2000(AT)
Name:   leon
message contents:   :))))))))))) great video! as an old 2001 fan, I congratulate you for your work. also `will watch the other movies. please, could I build in 'one' in my site (with a link to yours)? ..would be very kind. greetings from germany leon

Date:   31.12.2001 at 09:43:14
E-mail:   commentator(AT)
Name:   The Joe of Joes
message contents:   Thanks for the 1 minute dose of idiocy. I recommend it for those who can't sleep.

Date:   28.12.2001 at 11:45:10
E-mail:   phin(AT)
Name:   Phin
message contents:   Absolutely TOP

Date:   23.12.2001 at 16:40:28
E-mail:   militaryduckjock(AT)
Name:   Iain
message contents:   Brilliant, beautifully done, overall fantastic job!

Date:   23.12.2001 at 03:32:48
E-mail:   kovalklan(AT)
Name:   Chris Koval
message contents:   It's amazing what one short film can do to a person. I see "Lego-man" in a whole new light.

Date:   21.12.2001 at 20:07:38
E-mail:   hu(AT)
Name:   Humpi
message contents:   Wow, what kind of imagination and technical support did you have ?? Great

Date:   21.12.2001 at 16:07:40
E-mail:   tunacantj(AT)
Name:   Tunacantj
message contents:   I can't wait for 'A Clockwork Orange'. This must have taken alot of time and care. Terrific!!

Date:   20.12.2001 at 21:17:03
E-mail:   andy_penman(AT)
Name:   andyP
message contents:   Oh my word gentlemen, my hat is off to you. In a word 'Fantastic', I shall be awaiting future adaptations with bated breath.

Date:   20.12.2001 at 18:03:55
E-mail:   jay(AT)
Name:   jay
message contents:   I really like ONE and stuff of that kind! go ahead with that! grtx from berlin/germany!

Date:   07.12.2001 at 19:40:34
E-mail:   wonttellya(AT)
Name:   Lars
message contents:   Cool. A very good film.

Date:   06.12.2001 at 13:11:11
E-mail:   samer.abdallah(AT)
Name:   samer
message contents:   very cool! can you summon the patience to do more? perhaps the docking sequence with the `blue danube' playing.

Date:   04.12.2001 at 20:41:06
E-mail:   rednose(AT)
Name:   rednose
message contents:   G R E A T ! ! ! ...respect...

Date:   03.12.2001 at 17:31:15
E-mail:   bajama(AT)
Name:   Barry Mann
message contents:   A beautiful dream-piece. Full of snap-together Danish artistry. Wonderful.

Date:   17.11.2001 at 15:16:22
E-mail:   fureszes(AT)
Name:   Fureszes
message contents:   You're a genius :-)

Date:   16.11.2001 at 01:10:41
E-mail:   kelly(AT)
Name:   kelly
message contents:   Hilarious! A really well done parody that amazingly catches all the key scenes in such a short time.

Date:   13.11.2001 at 23:26:44
E-mail:   boattrash2u(AT)
Name:   bob
message contents:   'bout sums it up...

Date:   12.11.2001 at 23:45:24
E-mail:   logoagogo2(AT)
Name:   jason cleveland
message contents:   i just watched one and oh my god that is so cool, i just started making some shorts myself with my digital camera and yours is very cool. could ya help me? how did ya get the monkey's to jump. dont know how to get anything off the ground without beinge stable enough. thanks jason cleveland

Date:   09.11.2001 at 17:35:13
E-mail:   blah(AT)
Name:   Mr Angry

Date:   08.11.2001 at 20:08:37
E-mail:   slugzapper(AT)
Name:   barbara lazzaro
message contents:   fun made me laugh, but then I'm easy (luv 2 laff)

Date:   04.11.2001 at 18:06:42
E-mail:   RRdavidso(AT)
Name:   Robert Davidson
message contents:   I liked the movie alot. The special effects were nicely done.

Date:   29.10.2001 at 00:10:18
E-mail:   yurei(AT)
Name:   Laurence Bush
message contents:   I think the film , "One", was a little longish, dragging towards the end. Overall, I must say it is vastly superior to the Kubrick film. I believe that good art is a consentrated, high speed event, not some long drawn out catastrophe like "Mill on the Floss". "One" crams alot into a little Quicktime frame. The name Quicktime says it all.

Date:   27.10.2001 at 21:26:21
E-mail:   yeahright(AT)
Name:   Gene Glick
message contents:   That was stupid.

Date:   26.10.2001 at 05:10:07
E-mail:   dandare123(AT)
Name:   Martin Taurer
message contents:   My most favourite movie of 2001

Date:   23.09.2001 at 15:26:47
E-mail:   stormyandcold(AT)
Name:   stormyandcold
message contents:   could u put the movies on this site in zip format? might solve the problem some of us have had trying to download them. cheers

Date:   23.09.2001 at 15:17:20
E-mail:   stormyandcold(AT)
Name:   stormyandcold
message contents:   for some reason, your movies never start, it just stops at the quicktime logo. i know theres nothing wrong my end 'cause holy grail works on the lego site in quicktime. would love to see the movies on this site, hope its fixed soon.

Date:   09.09.2001 at 02:48:25
E-mail:   twohunt(AT)
Name:   Carol Crenshaw-Hunt
message contents:   That was cute & well done. Bravo!!! Keep up the great work.

Date:   07.09.2001 at 22:27:34
E-mail:   awinds(AT)
Name:   Aaron
message contents:   SWEET!! Loved it!! Way to cut straight to the philosophical implications of the film without compromising the original power of the odyssey. Stanley would be proud.

Date:   07.09.2001 at 14:58:37
E-mail:   jkmurphy38(AT)
Name:   Jimmie Murphy
message contents:   Loved it!! It was a suggested link from Tim (AT) Always been a huge fan of Hal and your film was incredible. Please do more....

Date:   01.09.2001 at 11:02:35
E-mail:   Great-Link(AT)
Name:   bd
message contents:   Just cute! nice work!

Date:   31.08.2001 at 20:10:01
E-mail:   ALX2021(AT)
Name:   Alex
message contents:   WONDERFUL! BRILLIANT! IMAGINATIVE! HIGHLY AMUSING! You guys have done a hell of a good job here! I'm impressed and I hope that You will give serious consideration to letting the Cartoon Network run this sometime. I think kids will enjoy it. I know that my three cartoon addicted nieces will!! Keep up the good work and see what You can do with, "Star Wars", "Logan's Run", "Marooned" and "Independence Day".

Date:   30.08.2001 at 04:44:43
E-mail:   stomp442usa(AT)
Name:   Doug James
message contents:   Hi guys. Hadnt watched your movie in awhile and thought I'd watch it again and maybe pick up some tricks. Great movie, and great job on MP and the Holy Grail too. Doug James Shootin Brickss

Date:   29.08.2001 at 17:25:19
E-mail:   kkad(AT)
Name:   Tyler
message contents:   Hi ! Thats little movie is fantastic !! bye Tyler

Date:   29.08.2001 at 16:25:14
E-mail:   mjwarning(AT)
Name:   Michael Jan Warning
message contents:   As much as I love 2001: A Space Odyssey, Your One: A Space Odyssey is in my eyes simply marvelous. Using Lego to make movies, I always thought these little things could be useful for something after You turned 14 and discovered women. I demand a full length feature film. M.J. Warning, Bremen, Germany

Date:   29.08.2001 at 15:58:12
E-mail:   bc(AT)
Name:   bjoern
message contents:   very nice, i like it. even the voices are perfect. maybe sometimes a little bit too fast, but ... great!

Date:   25.08.2001 at 12:10:36
E-mail:   nathan.hughes1(AT)
Name:   Nathan Hughes
message contents:   Any chance of "A clockwork Orange" or "Full metal jacket?"

Date:   20.08.2001 at 03:44:26
E-mail:   mikeylego(AT)
Name:   mikey
message contents:   the movie was great and it was sweet how you made the figs talk. It's one of the best Lego movies I've ever seen, with awsome special effects.

Date:   20.08.2001 at 03:36:50
E-mail:   mikeylego(AT)
Name:   mikey
message contents:   the movie was great and it was sweet how you made the figs talk. It's one of the best Lego movies I've ever seen, with awsome special effects.

Date:   16.08.2001 at 21:04:32
E-mail:   evagelionfreak(AT)
Name:   Hong
message contents:   you guys are just awsom!!!! 2 kool

Date:   12.08.2001 at 16:25:58
E-mail:   NinaBobPets(AT)
Name:   Bob
message contents:   Animation great, i can relate to the original film keep the good work up

Date:   01.08.2001 at 08:28:47
E-mail:   bewine(AT)
Name:   Jace
message contents:   This has got to be the best Lego animation I have ever seen. The humor is brilliantly subtle. I was almost in tears. You've shown me reason that I should continue my quest to do Lego photography...

Date:   26.07.2001 at 01:25:37
E-mail:   sage_trip(AT)
Name:   st
message contents:   the stills of ONE look t-riffic! unfortunately my stupid IBM won't play your quick time film because it complains about a 'data reference that isn't supported on IBM yet'... i look forward to seeing some IBM compatible versions... keep up th excellent work. POWER TO THE LEGO!

Date:   24.07.2001 at 18:49:03
E-mail:   mlebreto(AT)
Name:   M. Le Breton
message contents:   Well what can I say, a great concept and a nice execution with a degree of wit that relates to things other than just the acting medium, e.g. lego. I would just say keep going and do as much as you can to improve yourselves, so much promise in you guys.

Date:   17.07.2001 at 20:17:56
E-mail:   rafreije77(AT)
Name:   Raul
message contents:   IT kicks ass, I want more

Date:   13.07.2001 at 15:14:23
E-mail:   toby_yarwood(AT)
Name:   toby
message contents:   just saw your "1 -space odity" flim at bristol uni ftv cinema where it's up for judging, all the judges laughed a lot and if i get a chance i will tell them to select it tobxx

Date:   12.07.2001 at 19:51:39
E-mail:   meguyiam(AT)
Name:   Serge
message contents:   what camera did you use to make your lego movies? I wanna make those kinds of animations too. Can you e-mail me and tell me the name of the brand and wich model it is?

Date:   02.07.2001 at 02:49:56
E-mail:   Fritzboy72(AT)
Name:   Fritz
message contents:   I could not download it. I would get a screen of the quicktime logo and a button to play the movie but nothing would happen when I clicked it.

Date:   27.06.2001 at 20:23:44
E-mail:   SLukschy(AT)
Name:   Stefan Lukschy
message contents:   I am agreat fan of Kubrick, a film director myself and I must say that you did a marvelous and very funny piece of work. Thanks, Stefan Lukschy, Berlin

Date:   17.06.2001 at 16:16:11
E-mail:   mark-watson(AT)
Name:   mark watson
message contents:   Made me laugh. Very polished. More like this please. Please make wmp stream, quicktime window v. small. Cheers and thanks...

Date:   17.06.2001 at 15:14:35
E-mail:   lemass(AT)
Name:   Rod Middlemass
message contents:   Brilliant.But maybe a bit too long for a cinema release.

Date:   14.06.2001 at 21:04:15
E-mail:   p.sydlowski(AT)
Name:   Paul Sydlowski
message contents:   Set design is awesome. This is some funny shit! I wish there was more, as I am a huge fan of 2001 & Legos combined as a kid. The boinger on the monkey's head is classic!

Date:   08.06.2001 at 04:22:53
E-mail:   pdkeagle(AT)
Name:   Paul Kutscha
message contents:   Absolutely amazing! Its the best Lego movie.

Date:   16.05.2001 at 19:19:06
E-mail:   erikgo(AT)
Name:   Erik Goulet
message contents:   I think you guys did a grand job ! It is really enjoyable to see a good reconstitution of the parts of a film... I have been doing stop-motion for a awhile now and this is my link to a small parody of the Matrix, maybe I should of done it in legos :-) maybe the next one! Can't wait to see your next production, keep it up ! Erik

Date:   10.05.2001 at 14:02:12
E-mail:   squigie(AT)
Name:   Louise
message contents:   great fun to watch cant wait to see more

Date:   24.04.2001 at 20:17:51
E-mail:   e.oleary(AT)
Name:   Eamonn O'Leary
message contents:   Yep, very funny and exceptionally well produced & directed, especially within such a short timeframe. It was so realistic I half expected to see the caption read 'a film by Stanley Cubic'!

Date:   23.04.2001 at 08:12:21
E-mail:   afro_g(AT)
Name:   alex
message contents:   This whole thing is awesome. I was looking up polystyrene carving, (seriously!)and i found all this gear i know nothing about. I've only ever read the Mad magazine ripoff of 2001 but it was still way funny. I don't know how you could pull that kind of stuff off in only a week or two. Great Work!

Date:   21.04.2001 at 16:31:02
E-mail:   miss.mmj(AT)
Name:   Jules
message contents:   Fantastic.!!!! loved the aged lego dave at the end...and Hal saying (Ive gone nuts) rather like my shite worn out computer...!!! ******

Date:   20.04.2001 at 23:58:50
E-mail:   Lastie_halflife(AT)
Name:   Lastie
message contents:   Fantastic! The funniest minute I ever had. I haven't seen the 2001 myself, but I got all the jokes in ONE. Great work, I hope you'll do a sequel based on 2010?

Date:   19.04.2001 at 03:05:31
E-mail:   eddolls(AT)
Name:   philip eddolls
message contents:   Well put together, i think you guys should realy push "one" get it some atention, I have no constructive ideas, last point how was the old mans face lip synct and matted on ? thank

Date:   16.04.2001 at 14:55:42
E-mail:   warmerdam4(AT)
Name:   Lard01
message contents:   COOL!!!

Date:   10.04.2001 at 16:30:01
Name:   Samuel Vimes
message contents:   Hey! Great! Makes me want to rush and do (at least) two things: 1) go to the video reantal and get a copy of that Kubrick flick, and 2) see if I can find all my old Lego somewhere (attic? basement? kids' room? Yeah! And I'll nick their Lego as well!). Inspiring (and not just awe). I didn't know there was a kind of Lego movies niche. What do the legal guys in Billund have to say about that? I think it's one heck of a promotional gimmick - but then... who am I? Keep it up, PLEASE!

Date:   09.04.2001 at 16:02:55
E-mail:   hop2kin(AT)
Name:   Matt Lewis
message contents:   I'm all sweaty now

Date:   31.03.2001 at 23:41:27
E-mail:   smckibbin(AT)
Name:   steven
message contents:   great stuff! I laughed, and will use it for a class. hope it's o.k. with you....

Date:   31.03.2001 at 21:59:26
E-mail:   tmccann(AT)
Name:   T Mccann
message contents:   better than the origanal got the kids lego out already.

Date:   29.03.2001 at 00:26:27
E-mail:   osyruss(AT)
Name:   Greg Parker
message contents:   WOW I thought All the DEAD was good, Man THIS RULED!!! You know what would REALY RULE? A 90min GI JOE VS STAR WARS man I would kill to see that.

Date:   26.03.2001 at 22:21:23
E-mail:   cultofone(AT)
Name:   Louis Moya
message contents:   Hehe!! Yeah... awesome!! Great Idea... Great execution... keep up the good work...

Date:   20.03.2001 at 23:56:14
E-mail:   wfs001(AT)
Name:   warren
message contents:   I was just looking at pictures of Mercury,the planet,and my wife sais "look here in the paper ;www.spiteinyourface are showing :A space odyssey" I thought,um,uncanny lets check this out.As you can imagine the suspence whilest waiting for the down load to finish,cut through it with a knife,finaly it was finished and ready to play.I could not beleive my luck,a real treat,the plot,the story,the acting,faultless what a good job,from begining to end i was sat on the edge of my chair,breathless.THIS IS THE BEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN.Keep up the good work and i look forwards to the follow up.Lego rules,i was raised on lego,from the little white houses to modern hi tech stuff,all the best you're number one fan....

Date:   17.03.2001 at 11:42:16
E-mail:   bryan.walker(AT)
Name:   Bryan Walker
message contents:   Superb, best version I have seen (including Kubriks)

Date:   15.03.2001 at 17:06:14
E-mail:   hellyward(AT)
Name:   Helen
message contents:   fantastic really cheered up a dull day

Date:   14.03.2001 at 11:53:53
E-mail:   some(AT)
Name:   Asa Winstanley
message contents:   hahaha. brilliant! it looks like you spent months on it as opposed to to days. "hit things with sticks"! brilliant. i still haven't seen 2001, so i dont get it, but i kinda do anyway. a worthy successor to the legendary All of The Dead

Date:   12.03.2001 at 06:36:10
E-mail:   Senseikeith(AT)
Name:   K.montgomery Henderson
message contents:   I sunk the Titanic! And your little dog too!

Date:   11.03.2001 at 00:46:02
E-mail:   tim(AT)
Name:   Timothy Campbell
message contents:   That was totally awesome! Very good job of capturing the movie, considering the brevity of the piece.

Date:   11.03.2001 at 00:35:31
E-mail:   cwruguy(AT)
Name:   Froggy
message contents:   Great movie! I wish it was longer! Do some more!

Date:   09.03.2001 at 18:30:57
E-mail:   Blackomega5(AT)
Name:   King Jim
message contents:   I just watched "One: An Oddessey" or whatever its called. Funny as anything. I do some stop motion animation films myself, but nothing that good. Keep up the good work.

Date:   06.03.2001 at 19:53:17
E-mail:   nlockley(AT)
Name:   Nicholas Lockley
message contents:   Great fun. Inspired. Loved it.

Date:   04.03.2001 at 22:36:37
E-mail:   bobfrog1(AT)
Name:   Bob Frogley
message contents:   Well, I thought I knew this movie, but you put me right. The only disappointment is that you didn't include one of the finest comic actors of his generation playing(straight)a Russian scientist. You helped make my weekend finish on a high. Thanx.

Date:   04.03.2001 at 22:00:00
E-mail:   stephen.dunn(AT)
Name:   Stephen Dunn
message contents:   Wonderful and very funny. I am sure Stanley would have loved it. Has Arthur C. Clarke seen it and passed judgement? You have encapsulated the movie better in one minute than many book length reviews and it makes me laugh every time. Now what about Dr. Strangelove? Keep up the good work. Stephen Dunn

Date:   04.03.2001 at 00:45:50
E-mail:   citta(AT)
Name:   Maria
message contents:    

Date:   03.03.2001 at 21:04:32
E-mail:   thomash(AT)
Name:   Thomas
message contents:   Pure dead brilliant

Date:   03.03.2001 at 06:08:07
E-mail:   john.allen(AT)
Name:   John Allen
message contents:   Ah, Newport, home of the Mole Wrench. Once went with a school visit to Altyr-ryn tech. Lecturer on computing wore pinstripe suit and smoked a Latakia mixture. The computer had punch cards and was the size of a house. Watched 2001 at the Odeon. Over the road from the Art College. No Lego, then; no Quicktime. Well done, bearers of proud heritage. Well done, UWCN.

Date:   03.03.2001 at 03:22:44
E-mail:   john(AT)
Name:   john
message contents:   nice work

Date:   02.03.2001 at 19:20:36
E-mail:   the.pikes(AT)
Name:   Alison Pike
message contents:   Thanks for the credits Tim. Glad to see such a staring role for the Monkeys. The film is really impressive. Alison

Date:   02.03.2001 at 11:48:11
E-mail:   canvin(AT)
Name:   Laurie Canvin
message contents:   Fabulous! Captured the fundamental essence of 2001 in a seriously funny and less boring minute. Sheer brilliance. Thank you.

Date:   02.03.2001 at 01:45:00
E-mail:   ronjohn36(AT)
Name:   John Holland
message contents:   This is excellent and hilarious. Good sense of humor. I love how you animated the minifigs.

Date:   02.03.2001 at 01:43:49
E-mail:   ronjohn36(AT)
Name:   John Holland
message contents:   This is excellent and hilarious. Good sense of humor. I love how you animated the minifigs.

Date:   01.03.2001 at 16:58:23
E-mail:   greenmed(AT)
Name:   mike dematteo
message contents:   way funny. half hour lego sitcom ripoff would kill (think "friends"). low overhead. recycled content. you do the math. your welcome.

Date:   01.03.2001 at 14:17:19
E-mail:   alan.goswell(AT)
Name:   Alan Goswell
message contents:   cooooooooool!

Date:   25.02.2001 at 07:01:40
E-mail:   guardianofnothing(AT)
Name:   William Christensen
message contents:   That was pretty funny. Good job.

Date:   13.02.2001 at 04:43:48
E-mail:   deep_fried_gmos(AT)
Name:   Allison
message contents:   Wow. A very nice tribute to 2001. I liked the superbly constructed pod, and the lights on "Dave's" face during the warping sequence. To be honest, I'm kind of sad it wasn't longer, maybe you could have put in the Moonbus and some other cool stuff. But I know Lego animation is arduous :-) Good work!

Date:   13.02.2001 at 01:25:23
E-mail:   see_oh_gee(AT)
Name:   camille goudeseune
message contents:   imPRESSive. all it needs is some heheheh's and a metallica t-shirt.

Date:   12.02.2001 at 22:09:27
E-mail:   bootlego(AT)
Name:   Alastair Grant
message contents:   Ooo! Haven't you gone up in the world? Now you've got your degree suddenly your work looks professional and polished. Well there's no way you'll beat me to the Lego baftas. And I've got more lego than you. Just because One was a masterpeice it doesn't make you a genius, just an auteur!

Date:   07.02.2001 at 00:54:35
E-mail:   grim_fandago37(AT)
Name:   Ben
message contents:   Incredible short. The animated faces were easily the best part of the movie. My best wishes to your future films. Speaking of new films, is there a new LEGO film in the works?

Date:   05.02.2001 at 10:27:46
E-mail:   brummie_treva(AT)
Name:   Lee Skinner
message contents:   Hello there! My computer was unable to run the film, but the site is pretty cool. Does Spite Your Face productions have any major projects lined up for the future or are you just making fun little films?